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30 December 2008

The Curse of the Hat

Not only are South West Trains failing to offer a service between Whitton and Richmond thereby preventing essential health care staff getting to work and save lives etc, neither they or any of their staff have managed to find my Hat.

Since the loss of the Hat, Hull City have shipped 9 goals and scored only 2 in reply.

Not to mention the rather embarrassing al fresco team talk episode.

Shamefully the Tiger Leisure online shop seem to be completely out of stock when it comes to Hats.

Even the pink ones for girls.

So here I sit in some trepidation, bare-headed and about to listen the BBC radio commentary from the KC as we face Aston Villa.

Of course I could go down to the pub and watch the game on Sky.

But it is rather cold.

And I haven't got a Hat.

Next Week: The real reason for that team talk:

"Right. Who was looking after the changing room keys?"

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22 December 2008

Christmas Appeal

Stray Photon presents Spraying the Rays' Christmas Appeal:

Hello Readers!

Has anyone seen my Hat?

I left it on the 18:20 Whitton to Waterloo train last Monday.

Here's a brief description:

It was a long, blue thing running on rails, with wheels on the bottom, windows all around and lots of people in it.

Oh, you mean the hat? It looked a bit like this:

That Hat

I've filled in the online lost property form but frankly they're ignoring me. I bet the Waterloo Lost Property office is run by a supporter of Arsenal. Or Tottenham. West Ham and Fulham also spring to mind for some reason.

In the first match since the Hat went missing the team have lost 4-1 to Sunderland. Dirty Northern bastards.

So it is urgent that the Hat is found soon.

It's a wild hope I know, but I wonder if perchance any readers might have connections with South-West trains and would be able to search the entire rolling stock for the item in question?

Anyway, if you have seen this Hat, please contact Spraying the Rays. A reward of £2.50 is offered for its safe return. It may not seem much, but hey, there is a credit crunch on you know. And for £3 I can get a new dandruff-free woolly Hat at Sainsbury's, albeit without the City badge.

Stray Photon would like to take this opportunity to wish all of Spraying the Rays' readers (Howesey and Istvanski) a Merry Christmas.

But only if they find my Hat.

Next Week: Spraying the Rays' guide to Top Christmas Presents for Your Loved Ones which will cost you Bugger All. ( NB: This item was postponed from this week to make way for the Appeal)

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