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17 September 2010

Pope in Photon snub shock

Legendary blogger and philanthropist Stray Photon was today said to be outraged when His Holiness the Pope failed to attend a prearranged meeting on the Twickenham leg of his state visit to the UK.

“I’m outraged,” Photon told Spraying the Rays’ religious correspondent insert funny name here. “There I was left sitting on my own in the beer garden of the Rifleman and he never showed up. I’d even got him a pint of Twickenham Fine Ales “Naked Ladies” in so that he could sample some authentic local produce. I had to drink both pints myself.”

When we asked whether he thought the Pontiff’s absence might have been related to the fact that Mr Photon was not a Roman Catholic, Stray looked surprised and said, “Oh. He’s a Catholic then, is he, this Pope bloke?”

Next Week: Deputy PM Nick Clegg joins Strictly Come Dancing line up. “David said to me ‘You might as well, there’s nothing for you to do around here…’”

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At 2:25 pm, October 05, 2010, Blogger Howesy said...

I had a naked lady in the old goat a while back, very nice indeed.


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