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20 August 2007

Bobcast 42

Bob Swipe, the "God of Pod" is back!

And you can listen to him here!

(That's another pint of award winning Twickenham Fine Ale you owe me, Swipey!)

Cheers, Bobbo!

Next Week: another STR guide: How Podcasting Works

14 August 2007

It's Back!

Stray Photon (left): ready for season 2007-08

Thank God. It's the Blogging season again.

And maybe this one will be different.

No more unfulfilled promise, shattered hope, or cruel disappointment.

I do my best, readers. I promise you I try; every time I feel the Urge to Blog and sit at my hand knitted PC I say to myself; NO mention of That Man.

But what's a chap to do?

On Saturday I took daughter #2 (6 yrs), niece #1 (9) and sister #1 and only (41) to their first Hull City game , along with wife #1 (n*), daughter #1 (10) and nephew #1 (11), who have all suffered...er, I mean witnessed the glory that is The Tigers many times before.

And who should score after less than 3 minutes from a Nick Barmby (HFHYK) rebound?

Surely not?

Oh yes!

Windass: no pictures this season

But hang on a minute. Supporting Hull City and instant gratification are strictly non-compatible.

We lose 2-3. Normal service is resumed

That'll teach them. Bloody glory seekers.

Shame Leeds won though. Now they're only 12 points adrift. In League 1!

That's Division 3 in old money.

I still think last season's shirt is better...

Next Week: Palace/Brentford: early promise fades.

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