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30 December 2008

The Curse of the Hat

Not only are South West Trains failing to offer a service between Whitton and Richmond thereby preventing essential health care staff getting to work and save lives etc, neither they or any of their staff have managed to find my Hat.

Since the loss of the Hat, Hull City have shipped 9 goals and scored only 2 in reply.

Not to mention the rather embarrassing al fresco team talk episode.

Shamefully the Tiger Leisure online shop seem to be completely out of stock when it comes to Hats.

Even the pink ones for girls.

So here I sit in some trepidation, bare-headed and about to listen the BBC radio commentary from the KC as we face Aston Villa.

Of course I could go down to the pub and watch the game on Sky.

But it is rather cold.

And I haven't got a Hat.

Next Week: The real reason for that team talk:

"Right. Who was looking after the changing room keys?"

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At 1:00 pm, January 03, 2009, Blogger Howesy said...

Stray, if you REALLY wanted to go to work, you could change at Twickenham for Richmond, pedantic I know, but true.
Saw a little warty cleaner wearing a Hull City hat today, but it couldn't have been yours, the badge was on the side...

At 7:32 pm, January 03, 2009, Anonymous Mrs Photon said...

What Mr P neglects to mention is that since Christmas Day he has had access to a Hull City Hat and therefore the defeat at the hands of Aston Vanilla could have been avoided. OK the hat is pink, and several sizes too small, and he would have to fight one of the smaller photons for it but expect to see him wearing it if Hull don't win today.

At 7:37 pm, January 03, 2009, Anonymous Mrs Photon said...

You may be wondering why I say, IF, Hull City lose today. Yes, my life has turned in to an episode of the Likely Lads, Sultana Sports has chosen to show the Hull vs Newcastle match in full 2 hours after it finished. So in the Stray Photon household it is only just 3 pm. That really has mucked up the dinner plans!

We have spent the afternoon avoiding the Hull City F... headlines and now he tells me his middle name is Scarborough.

At 11:40 am, January 08, 2009, Blogger Robert Swipe said...

Sorry Stray - I'm just going to have to hold onto it until 18th January....*we* *need* *the* *points*!!

(Mind you, that pink one would go *so* nicely with my blusher.....ah, sod Arsenal; how much do you want for it???)


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