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23 March 2007

William Wilberforce 1759-1833

Member of Parliament, Social Reformer and Abolitionist

He's from Hull you know!

Just like Nick Barmby,

Barmby: attacking midfielder

Maureen Lipman,

Lipman: right back

That bloke off Basil Brush;

No, the one on the left, you fool!

and of course Dean Windass!

Windass: goal machine

William Wilberforce even went to the same school as me!

Hull Grammer Skool; est 1479

I don't remember him though.

Must have been one of the bigger boys.


21 March 2007


Joe Blogger writes:

Hi there, Bloggers!

Here at Blogger.com we take our responsibility to protect YOU, the public from offensive or dangerious material extremely seriously.

But hey, while we acknowledge the universal principles of freedom of expression, in certain extreme circumstances we reserve the right to supend a blog without notice.

Examples of blogs which might necessitate this action are:

  1. Drug references
  2. Incitement to violence
  3. Sexually explicit images
  4. Any reference to Un-American activities
  5. Racist language
  6. Images and/or text likely to incite religious hatred
  7. Pictures of Dean Windass

Following numerous complaints (3) it has come to our attention that the blog:

Spraying the Rays

published by

Stray Photon

on (date)


has contravened the 2006 Blogger's Code of Conduct and therefore Blogger.com has no choice but to suspend the above mentioned Blog until further notice.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any distress or incovenience this may cause.

Mr Photon has been arrested and voluntarily enrolled on a Blogger.com re-education course at one of our facilities in South America. Please do not attempt to contact him.

If you spot Mr Photon out on his own DO NOT APPROACH HIM but contact us immediately here at Blogger.com and one of our agents will be with you within

8 minutes

to look after him.

If you feel you have been affected by the material in question please contact Blogger.com where trained counsellors are available to help you.

But remember that the images of the fictional Mr Windass are computer generated and could not possibly represent any real life person.

Could they?

Keep Blogging folks!


Favourite Operating Systems

Hello Readers!

Those naughty boys at the back of the class, Istvanski and Howesey, have been spreading unkind rumours that I am obsessed with the Association Football Club Hull City and one of their players in particular, so let me redress the balance right away by publishing a post on a completely unrelated topic; Favourite Operating Systems.

As a computer nerd and failed musician, I am hardly ever asked, "Stray, what's your favourite Microsoft operating system of all time?"

A difficult question to answer, eh readers?

Let's consider some of the contenders.

For many people the fondest memories are those of their first operating system; the first interface between the keyboard and the chip; the first enablement of the power of the personal computer. In 1997 I finally said to my faithfull Amstrad PCW256 "You're fired" and invested in my first PC. So for that reason alone, a strong contender has to be:

Microsoft Windass 95

But the 95 verson of Windass had it's limitations; although it worked straight out of the box, it had a tendency to overheat. So a mere 3 years later along came:

Windass 98

As you can see this featured an early attempt at enabling wireless networking. Unfortunately this made it very unstable, so this was quickly modifed to:

Windass 98SE

for many still the OS of choice. Then came

Windass Millennium

and to bring us up to date, here is the current weapon of choice, the refined and smooth running Windass OAP!


Next week: Number 1 of an occasional series:Classic George Formby Songs: "When I'm Cleaning Windass"

04 March 2007


Young Frankenstein (Mel Brooks 1974)

One day all radiology will be done like this...

Hello readers!

Sorry about the backlog with the film reviews. I'll try and make a bit of an effort and see if I can catch up. At least to 1975.

Thanks to Robert Swipe and S for lending me the DVD. Mind you if they think they're getting it back they can think again. What I'm going to do readers, is swap it with another DVD and give them the box back. Hee hee! They'll never know; like everyone else, Bob stopped reading my blog months ago. I think it was when it got funnier than his.* Or was it because I stopped using pics of Gabrielle Drake? Anyway they'll just blame each other for not putting the right disc back in the box and have a good old domestic.

Oh yes, the film. Most amusing. Shame they couldn't afford to make it in colour. And the re-animation apparatus: well I'd often wondered what the circuitry in our Nuclear Medicine equipment had been used for before. Still works though! Some of the time, anyway.

Interesting early use of computer animation for Marty Feldman's eyes, shame they overdid it, they just aren't believable.

Mama...he's making eyes at me...

We are lucky to have been able to see this film; apparently one of Mr Brooks' previous projects was a film about a musical about Hitler. Honestly, you'd think his agent would have a word, eh reader? No wonder that one sank without trace. Nice of them to give him a second chance with this one.

Spraying the Rays says: 8/10

Next week: Jenny Hanley and my part in her downfall.

*Late blogging result: Swipe, Robert (Independent) 100,114 visits: Photon, Stray (Daily Star) 2,309, and I confirm the aforementioned candidate has been duly elected to represent the constituency of Blog.

Swipe steps up to microphone, sneering:

"Now who's funny, eh Photon?"

"I would like to thank the returning officer and the police for running a most efficient election. I would also like to congratulate the other candidates, except that arse of a radiographer Scraggy Mutton, for the civilised way in which they have run their campaigns."

Swipe draws himself up to his full height (4'11"), takes a deep breath and fixes his gaze on a point at the back of the hall to give the impresssion that there are lots more people in than is the case (just like he used to do with the Ariels);

"People of Blog; we now have an opportunity to turn our back on the failed policies of yesterday and face the challenges that lie ahead of us with renewed vigour blah blah blah..." etc. etc.

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