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07 May 2010

Election News: Clegg's shopping list

Clegg: two up front?

Following the failure of any party to gain an overall majority in the House of Commons in yesterday’s General Election, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg refused to comment on reports that his among his demands to David Cameron to ensure his support for a Conservative minority government was the suspension of all promotions and relegations in the Premier League, Championship and Leagues One and Two.

However a source close to the leadership spoke exclusively to Spraying The Rays;

“It’s true of course that we want to see electoral reform, abolition of the House of Lords and the abandonment of the Trident nuclear deterrent,” he told our Beer and Politics correspondent Stray Photon.

“But Nick is convinced it would bring in a lot of votes in the increasingly marginal East Yorkshire constituencies at the next election if we managed to preserve Hull City’s Premiership status.”

When it was pointed out that this would also mean other teams would miss out on promotion, our source was sceptical about any effect on the party’s future prospects in West Yorkshire. “You mean Leeds United? Their fans can’t spell “X” to put it on a ballot paper.”

Late News: Clegg rules out deal with Brown: “Phil has had his chance. It has to be Dowie next season”.

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