Spraying the Rays

The Alternative Radiographer

21 March 2007


Joe Blogger writes:

Hi there, Bloggers!

Here at Blogger.com we take our responsibility to protect YOU, the public from offensive or dangerious material extremely seriously.

But hey, while we acknowledge the universal principles of freedom of expression, in certain extreme circumstances we reserve the right to supend a blog without notice.

Examples of blogs which might necessitate this action are:

  1. Drug references
  2. Incitement to violence
  3. Sexually explicit images
  4. Any reference to Un-American activities
  5. Racist language
  6. Images and/or text likely to incite religious hatred
  7. Pictures of Dean Windass

Following numerous complaints (3) it has come to our attention that the blog:

Spraying the Rays

published by

Stray Photon

on (date)


has contravened the 2006 Blogger's Code of Conduct and therefore Blogger.com has no choice but to suspend the above mentioned Blog until further notice.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any distress or incovenience this may cause.

Mr Photon has been arrested and voluntarily enrolled on a Blogger.com re-education course at one of our facilities in South America. Please do not attempt to contact him.

If you spot Mr Photon out on his own DO NOT APPROACH HIM but contact us immediately here at Blogger.com and one of our agents will be with you within

8 minutes

to look after him.

If you feel you have been affected by the material in question please contact Blogger.com where trained counsellors are available to help you.

But remember that the images of the fictional Mr Windass are computer generated and could not possibly represent any real life person.

Could they?

Keep Blogging folks!



At 4:50 am, March 23, 2007, Blogger Howesy said...

Well it's about frigging time, this place was going to hell in a handcart mate.
Good luck with your rehabilitation Stray, you know it's for the best.


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