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25 April 2010

I Had A Dream...

Hello readers!

I have just woken up from a wonderful dream…

I dreamed of a sunny Wembley Stadium and a wonder goal that took Hull City up into the Premiership…

I dreamed of local men Dean Windass and Nick Barmby plying their trade in Amber and Black for the Tigers

I dreamed of glorious victories at hallowed venues like White Hart Lane and Ashburton Grove

I dreamed of cynical pundits on "Match of the Day" eating their words as we rose to 4th place in the world’s greatest football league

But now I have woken. And reality dawns.

My club are in deep financial trouble.

The future is uncertain.

We have players who care more about paying their inflated pay-cheque into the bank than putting the ball in the goal or their boot into a tackle.

I look forward grim-faced to fixtures against Scunthorpe, Barnsley and maybe even L**ds United next season.

Bloody hell though, what a dream it was!

Next Week: With the Premiership experiment in tatters, the Back to Boothferry campaign gathers pace...

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