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28 July 2010

Godfather of Punk in "Fraud" Shock

"can these poor teeth take so much kicking?" - Brian Eno

Hello readers!

You know, every now and then life deals you a setback that makes you stop and think, “is it all really worth it?” That sick feeling in the stomach when you realise that what you held to be a Fundamental Truth turns out to be false.

For example when the reality dawned that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq to justify the allied invasion…

Or when you realised (as of course we all do eventually) that Paul Weller is average rather than a genius…

Weller: substitute

And of course we will all remember where we were when we heard the Liberal Democrats were just like all the other political parties, prepared to sacrifice their principles for power, and were going to shore up the Tories in a “coalition” government…

Readers, today I have had another such tragic moment;

Plastic Bertrand, the REAL Godfather of Punk, may not have sung on “Ca Plane Pour Moi”.

Bertrand: my generation

Just pause for a moment and let this shocking possibility sink in.

Surely this is like hearing that Shakespeare may not have been the true author of his plays?

Without Plas, as his true fans know him, we wouldn’t have had the Sex Pistols, The Smiths, or James Blunt.

Life today would not be what it is. We would still be listening to “Tales from Topographic Oceans” or going to ELP concerts.

ELP: won't get fooled again

So now it seems my whole life since 1977 has been built on a lie.

What next readers? It’s all too much. I can’t go on. This blog is now suspended until further notice.

Next Week: Existence of Father Christmas “in doubt”: Spraying the Rays investigates.

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At 10:23 am, July 30, 2010, Blogger Istvanski said...

From Wikipedia:

Elton Motello was a punk and New Wave band.

Elton Motello is both the moniker of Alan Ward (formerly a member of glam punk band Bastard along with Damned guitarist Brian James, Dez Lover and Nobby Goff), the lead singer and songwriter, and the name of the band itself.[1] Ward had toured Belgium with Bastard and through his connections there Motello debuted with the "Jet Boy, Jet Girl" single in 1977 on the Belgian Pinball label, initially backed by session musicians.[2] While the single made little impact (Except in Australia, where it was released on the RCA label and made the lower reaches of the Top Forty), the song formed the basis for Plastic Bertrand's internationally successful hit "Ça plane pour moi", with Bertand recording new lyrics over the backing track.[1]

Motello then recruited a new set of musicians including Peter Goff (guitar), Willie Change (bass), and Nobby Goff (drums), to record debut album Victim of Time, which also featured guest appearances from Mike Butcher (aka Jet Staxx who had played on Jet Boy,Jet Girl), Tony Boast, and former Pretty Things and Pink Fairies drummer John "Twink" Alder.[1]

Motello returned in 1980 with a second album, Pop Art, now backed by Butcher, Andrew Goldberg, J.P. Martins, and Walter Meter.[1] Two singles followed towards the end of the year, after which the band split up.[1]

In Australia, "Jet Boy Jet Girl" has appeared in a television commercial, although the commercial only included the chorus and none of the once-controversial lyrics.

I was contemplating going to High Voltage - but only for Focus and Dweezil Zappa.


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