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02 January 2010

2010: Highlights of the Year

1) Mended the TV remote by taking it to bits and cleaning it. Guess what? I managed to put it back together with no bits left over and ...it works. Hurrah!

Saving to me: approx £55-60 for a new one...unless I bought a generic version for £12 but then it wouldn't say "Panasonic" on it, would it?

2) Got the bedroom radiator working by taking a pair of pliers and opening the valve at the other end. I though there was only a valve at one end but no. Result: heating in the bedroom. What luxury! Hurrah again!

Saving to me: I reckon about £70 to call out a plumber.

3) Drank beer. Hurrah for a third time!

What a stonking year 2010 has been so far!

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