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15 November 2009

Rewind, Rewind <<

Hello Bloggees!

As a health care professional I have lost count of the times I have been asked, “Stray, now that we’ve had the Vinyl Revival, when is the Great Compact Cassette™ Comeback going to happen?”

Good question!

Haven't we all missed those Spinal tap Dobly references as we discuss our noise reduction preferences! Dolby B or C? Or even HX Pro!

And the romantic snap of the tape as it gets chewed up!

Those enigmatic drop outs as the music tantalisingly disappears…only to magically restart a second or two later!

Tape Hiss! Yeah baby!

The roadside spaghetti of Compact Cassette™ tape thrown out of passing cars as the owner finally tires of the kids’ “Mr Men” songs!

Well readers, the waiting is over! Look at this selection of top notch pop albums available in the Whitton branch of Our Price…er, I mean The Children’s Society Charity Shop!

And what a selection. Look at some of the quality recordings on sale:

Relive the 40’s with the classy swing sounds of Glenn Miller!

The Sweet Soul Sound of Eddie Floyd! Hmm, knock on my wood anytime, big boy! (© G. Slagg.)

Some long hair music from some bloke called Prokofiev. Used to go by the name of Amateurkofiev until he went full-time.

Rock’n'Roll Greats Vol 1: this was lent to me some years ago by Morton Shadow’s ex. Thank God he doesn’t read this blog anymore!

Best of Bowie: blank tape. Only joking, Zig! You know I’m your biggest fan! Especially the stuff you did with legendary Hull guitarist Nick Ronhurst!

Japan: Floppy hair’s back in fashion! Pity most of us haven’t got much of it left!

Tom Tom Club: so good they named him twice!

And many more!

So don’t delay! Rush down to your local branch of the Children’s Society Charity Shop today! (as long as you live near Whitton.) Stock is extremely limited, that is if they’ve bothered to put it out at all yet, wouldn’t surprise me if it just went straight in the bin, I mean that Cancer Research lot over the road weren’t even interested, just gave me a look as though I’d presented them with a bag full of Knave magazines…what do you mean I’m still on the air?

Safety Notice: Some examples of this medium should be teated with extreme caution. If you should come across the following artefact please DO NOT handle it. Phone your local police station who will arrange the recovery of the item and transportation to a safe disposal site.

Next Week: Gordon Brown and New Labour: were they responsible for the last Ice Age? Spraying the Rays investigates.

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At 6:55 pm, November 16, 2009, Blogger Istvanski said...

I'm too young to remember compact cassette, although I'm wondering when we'll see the return of minidisc. They looked so cute and I miss them like mad.
Bleedin' mp3s.

At 11:35 pm, November 26, 2009, Blogger rockmother said...

Aaah - the lovely cassette. I still have tons of them but have just realised never play them any more.


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