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29 November 2009

Latest version of OS "a dud"

Woodhows 5.1: rubbish

Today sees the arrival of the latest upgrade to Woodhows: version 5.1. However the newest version of this operating system has been heavily criticised by IT experts for being vastly inferior to previous releases.

Amongst criticisms of the software are:

Slow and unpredictable

Poor networking capabilities

Tends to hang up and stop working for no apparent reason

Places heavy demand on system resources such as processor speed, refrigerator space etc.

Makes poor use of system memory which has a tendency to fail at crucial moments

Unattractive user interface

Spraying the Rays’ IT correspondent Stray Photon. suggests users do not upgrade to WH5.1 but instead stick with earlier versions

“Just choose the Do Not Install option. They may be able to solve some of the problems with the forthcoming Service Pack 1 but frankly the whole package is out of date, poorly thought out, badly designed, and just doesn’t work.”

Next Week: Jimmy Bullard visits Lincolnshire without using the Humber Bridge.


At 4:49 pm, December 01, 2009, Blogger Howesy said...

many happy returns...

At 8:48 am, December 02, 2009, Blogger Istvanski said...

Ah, I see.
Hope you had a good 'un.

At 10:55 am, December 23, 2009, Blogger Istvanski said...

Wishing you and yours a good Chrimbo.
Ps. We're supporting The Johnsons on the 14th...


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