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22 May 2009

Hull vs Man Utd: Team News

Beer and Football correspondent Stray Photon reports:

This just in from the KC Stadium:

As expected, United field a weakened team in their fixture against relegation battlers Hull City on Sunday ahead of Wednesday's Champions League final in Rome:

Manchester United:
  1. Stepney
  2. Stiles
  3. Bruce
  4. Albiston
  5. Coppell
  6. Crerand
  7. Kidd
  8. Pearson
  9. Charlton
  10. Best (dec'd)
  11. Law
  12. Foulkes
  13. Berbatov
  14. Pallister
  15. Robson

Charlton: athletic

Meanwhile the Tigers take advantage of a little known loophole in Premier League regulations and give debuts to several players signed recently under the "Five day Loan" rule:

Hull City:

  1. Van der Sar
  2. Neville
  3. Ferdinand
  4. Evra
  5. Scholes
  6. Carrick
  7. Giggs
  8. Tevez
  9. Rooney
  10. Windass
  11. Ronaldo
  12. Foster
  13. Berbatov
  14. Park
  15. Nani

Windass: knackered

This week's Newcastle United manager, Alan Shearer, whose team face Aston Villa, was said to be "greatly relieved" by Sir Alex Ferguson's team selection.

"Why aye, it's a canny team, man, " said the balding supremo. "and we all want to see a British team do well against them Europeans like, man, so why not give the squad a friendly run out to warm up? After all it's the taking part that matters. not the winning."

I asked him if he was worried about facing relegation to the Coco-Pops Fun League should they fail to better Hull's result. Unfortunately at this point Mr Shearer became unwell after checking his calculator and asked to be excused.

I also sought the comments of Hull's captain Ian Ashbee, who requested another Pina Colada be sent out to the pool.

Spraying the Rays' prediction:

Hull City 0: Man Utd 4 (George Best hat trick)

Aston Villa 1: Newcastle United 1 (Barton equalises with a disputed penalty in the 17th minute of added time)

Next week: Cricket: what's all that about then?


At 7:08 pm, May 22, 2009, Blogger Howesy said...

Jimminy! Another scoop from the Stray-meister! Way ahead of the red-tops and putting them to shame.
Also, did I know that Gabrielle was Nick's sister? It seems the sort of thing I should've known, but maybe I did, and forgot, and then learnt it again...
erm sorry, what was I saying again?

At 12:42 pm, May 23, 2009, Anonymous Neil said...

Good luck. Newcastle need to go down, they've had more messiahs than Bethlehem.

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