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21 April 2009

City Boss Tipped For Manchester Role

Beer and Football correspondent Stray Photon reports:

TV heart-throb Gabrielle Drake (82) has denied that by taking a role in Coronation Street she is turning her back on Hull City's increasingly desperate struggle to avoid relegation to the Pokie-Pola Championship.

Drake: grim up North

"It's perfectly possible for me to ensure the Tigers will be playing Premier League football next season and at the same time do a bit of acting to keep my hand in," said the City manager who was a shock appointment to the job, ooh, ages ago when people used to read this blog in their dozens.

"I mean look at that Bill Kenwright. Just 'cos he keeps turning up as Betty Turpin's son on Corrie hasn't stopped him keeping Everton in the top flight," pointed out the glamorous star, whose brother is cult 60's folk singer Charlie Drake.

Other football news :

Come on Brentford, sort it out!

Next week: Wenger denies rumours linking him to vacant management position at the Queen Vic.


At 6:13 pm, April 27, 2009, Blogger Howesy said...

consider it sorted...


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