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28 March 2008

The Defectors


You know, as a discredited healthcare professional and failed musician I am hardly ever asked these days, "have you ever played in a shit hot punk rock band at the legendary Northern venue that is Hull's Wellingon Club?"

To which I reply that I'm not sure about the "hot" bit, but yes, evidence has recently been unearthed that this is indeed the case:

The Defectors circa 1979

On second thoughts that can't be right...could I ever have been that skinny?

More incriminating images at Mysocks...

Next week: have I ever played in a football team challenging for promotion to the Premier league? No, but I know a man who has...


At 6:55 pm, March 30, 2008, Blogger Howesy said...

Fookin' northern poofter.
You kept this well hidden didn't you?
Only showed us the strangely endearing New Romantic ones didn't ya?


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