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28 February 2008

Earthquake News

Here is the full text of the statement released earlier today by Lt Gabrielle Photon, wife of the proprieter of this blog.

Mrs Photon

"Earlier today I may have inadvertently given the impression that I had experienced considerable sexual raptures due to the amorous attentions of my husband, Mr Stray Photon.

"In retrospect I can see why phrases such as "Oh Stray, you're the King!" and "Is that it?" may have have caused this misunderstanding.

"However, following reports of the seismic disturbance which affected tha nation in the early hours of this morning I now realise that the sensations I experienced of the earth moving was more to do with an act of God rather than the work of Stray, who is, I can confirm, as useless in the sack as ever.

"I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any confusion I may have caused on this issue."

The couple were married in early 2007 after a whirlwind romance during which Lt Ellis, 36, was reportedly swept off her feet by Photon, 72. At that time he was a leading Blogger whose posts were avidly read by literally tens of people,and was said to have won her heart by publishing numerous pictures of her on the blog for no apparent reason.

Since those heady days Photon's blogging career has spiralled into terminal decline to the extent that he has had to take on radiography work in order to make ends meet.

The apparent friction between the showbiz pair has led to speculation that a seperation may be imminent, and a High Court battle looms over Mrs Photon's claims to part of her husband's assets (£43.50 and a 1978 Fender Telecaster).

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger commented, "It is quite clear. Photon must never play footsy again" before later also retracting his statement and claiming that he did not actually see the earthquake in question.

Mr Photon was unavailable for comment. However a spokesman said that Stray was very upset by the allegations and "whoever this God person is had better watch out and keep his Hand off my wife." It was also suggested that Photon might also have an alternative love interest. "Gay isn't the only one who can play away, you know."

Photon; will he Stray?

The earthquake that hit the UK destroyed much of Lincolnshire causing an estimated £250 worth of damage, although it was suggested that this figure could rise to as much as £300 if the county's bacon slicer needed to be replaced.

Next week: Proposed Government penalties for watching TV in the wrong aspect ratio: are they too lenient?


At 7:23 am, February 29, 2008, Blogger Howesy said...

Sounds like she needs a slap mate.
Tell you what, don't let her out of her box for a week, see how she likes that then.

At 10:11 am, March 01, 2008, Blogger rockmother said...

Stray, Rattle and Roll! I reckon it was Bob Swipe burping after that party can of 'Buie Breezer he had outside the British Heart Foundation on Wednesday night. I called in to Vanessa Feltz's radio programme with an exclusive but she hung up on me - fat cow!

At 4:54 pm, March 10, 2008, Blogger Istvanski said...

rbp...and the award for best blog o' the norf goes to "Spraying The Rays"!
Congratulations Mr Photon. Here's your prize.

At 6:05 pm, March 10, 2008, Blogger Stray Photon said...

Words are indequate to express the honour of this humble little blog being recognised at last, and the prize...well really, I am not worthy.

Phwoar, eh?

I'd like to think that this award is not so much for me but for the whole team at Spraying the Rays.

I'd particularly like to thank my agent...blah blah blah [wipes tear from eye etc etc...goes on for some time...]


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