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07 November 2007

Narcolepsy: An End in Sight?

What-ho, listeners!

You know, as a health care professional I am often asked, "Professor Photon, I keep falling asleep at inappropriate times, for example at work or on the bus. Can you help?"

Of course I can! They don't call me the Boss of Buzz for nothing!

Simply click here, download the podcast, stick it on the old MP3 thingy and hey presto! Those catchy tunes, hand-selected by self-styled "Vinyl VIPs" Bob and Stray, will have your toes tapping like nobody's business. You'll never doze again!


Next Week: Photon's backache cure: serious side effects reported.


At 3:24 pm, November 09, 2007, Blogger Howesy said...

As a health care professional of some (dubious) repute, can you help me with my diarrhoea please?
I've been told it is a hereditary problem, and I think that may be true as it's in my jeans.


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