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12 September 2007

Dear Mr McClaren...

When those other boys Wayne and Frank and David get back off their hols or wherever they've been, please could tell them thanks very much, but you've found some other footballers to play for the team: players who don't seem to have an arrogant expectation of being picked despite a string of disappointing performances, and nor do they give the impression that they don't actually have to work too hard on the pitch as it's only their second team anyway?

Would you be so good as to point out to them that it's been a delight watching an England team play with honest endeavour, desire, and pride, and that Heskey, Barry and Wright-Phillips, to name but four, have more than earned their place in the team?

I'd like to see how Lampard et al react to the being told that he might make the squad but will have to warm the bench and and see if he gets chance to play if someone who actually cares about playing for the national team gets hurt or knackered? What will his army or agents and PR men make of that, eh Mr McClaren? Maybe a strategic injury would avoid embarrassment?

Whilst I'm on the subject...

I wonder if there are any other experienced hard-working footballers who have previously been overlooked for international selection whose skills you might find useful in the remainder of the Euro 2008 campaign?

Just a thought.




Next Week: Dear Mr President...


At 7:20 pm, September 17, 2007, Blogger Howesy said...


At 6:32 am, September 18, 2007, Blogger Istvanski said...

Looks like you managed to frighten Howesy right at the very end of your post.


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