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13 January 2007

More Photon revelations:

The Masked Hacker writes again!

As the Masked Hacker I am often asked, "Now that we've had a good laugh at that Photon tosser trying to play drums, are there any other examples of him making a tit of himself, musically-wise?"

Terrible use of our mother tongue, I know, but not everyone had the privelege of going to Hull Grammar School in the 70's.

HGS: comprehensive since 1971

Never mind though, because the answer is YES! While the idiot Photon is round at his mate Swipe's house botching an upgrade to his PC, I have once more rifled thorugh the archives to bring you this example of Stray Photon as a New Romantic! Just imagine; frilly shirts, floppy hair, and yes, is that a KEYBOARD PLAYER I hear?

Punk legend my arse.

Who'd have thought eh, readers? There must be photos of this embarrassing episode from his past and don't worry, when I find them, you'll know about it!

See ya!

M. H.


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