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07 December 2006

New Hull City manager: YOU decide...


Following a disastrous 6 months in charge, manager PHIL PARKINSON has parted company with Hull City, currently languishing in 23rd position of the Coca Cola championship.


But who should step in to his shoes at the underachieving self styled Number One Club in East Yorkshire?

In a unique experiment in supporter power, Spraying the Rays is giving YOU, the reader, the opportunity to shape the sporting destiny of this proud city.

Over the next few days Spraying the Rays will bring you a list of candidates for the post of manager/coach of Hull City AFC. Some have proven experience in the field. Some have excelled in a different arena but can bring their unique talents to bear in the battle to preserve Championship status for the Tigers. All, however, are AVAILABLE for one reason or another.

Simply register your preference via the Comments facility of this blog by midnight on Sunday 10 December. The candidate receiving the most votes will be announced by chairman Adam Pearson at a hastily arranged press conference on Monday 11th December. All those taking part in the vote will be entered into a draw, the lucky winner of which will receive a Season Ticket for next season! (at Grimsby Town FC)

So get voting, readers!

The candidates:

Kevin Keegan:

Keegan: "would love it"

Pros: Proven experience in getting teams promoted to the Premiership
Cons: comes from SCUNTHORPE

Donald Rumsfeld:

Rumsfeld: five man midfield

Pros: favours an extremely combative strategy in midfield.
Cons: Will probably result in lengthy injury list, including spectators. Also likely to refer to the game as "soccer"

Gary Glitter:

Gadd almighty, you cannot be serious?

Pros: He's the Leader of the Gang, he is, so managing a Division One football team should be no problem.
Cons: Some concern over proposed changes in youth team policy

Bill Shankly:

Shanks: "this big"

Pros: Legendary football manager
Cons: Dead

Duncan Fletcher:

Fletcher: porridge

Pros: has coached at highest level
Cons: wrong sport

Andy Robinson:

Robbo: wrong shaped balls

Pros: has coached at highest level
Cons: Wrong sport

Jonothan Ross:

Rosso: irritating

Pros: half time team talk will be slightly entertaining
Cons: previous experiment with employing chat show host ended in failure

Tomorrow: More Hull City hopefuls


At 2:00 pm, December 08, 2006, Anonymous woody goldstein said...

I thought I better leave some sort of message, as no other bugger seems interested in your ramblings (including the BBC it would appear). For Christ sake even Molly Bloom hasn’t posted, and she will talk to anyone!

Anyway, for what its worth, I would vote for Saddam Hussein, probably a shit manager, so at least he has the right credentials for Hull, on the up side of course, he is likely to be brown bread in six months, hence no costly compensation need to be paid as you languish in the Conference. Easy really.

At 3:41 pm, December 08, 2006, Blogger Stray Photon said...

Thank you for your interest Mr Goldstein. You make a most convincing case for Iraq's former president. However as he is not one of the nominated candidates, you are disqualified from the prize draw.

We will of course give full consideration to any other comments you might care to post on this blog.

At 3:45 pm, December 08, 2006, Blogger Stray Photon said...

Spraying the Rays would like to point out that if Saddam Hussein appears in the next selection of nominations for Hull City manager this is entirely coincidental, and not a result of us pinching Mr Goldsteins idea.

Keep voting, reader!


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