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01 September 2006


Answers to Quiz no 6: Classic Spoilers

Stray Photon Enterprises accepts no responsibility or liability for loss of dramatic tension or general enjoyment as a result of this service. If you do not wish to know the results, look away now.

Stray Photon Enterprises does not guarantee the accuracy of the following information:

  1. Cheslea
  2. She's a man
  3. He's a woman
  4. He's his father
  5. She's a Woman
  6. Bart did it
  7. Only just
  8. Cosmo
  9. Pagan
  10. Shimmy Shimmy

Next week: the Toy Parachute


At 7:30 am, September 02, 2006, Anonymous I-pimp-for-Hobbits said...

If you are a real die hard fan and wish to emulate the lifestyle of your heroes, you can do no better than start shopping at this link


I have not yet delved into the murky world of waste management, though my dad wore a dustman's cap
'Shine yer shoes guvnor?'. Fortunately the neighbours have the whole 5 series thus far on video or DVD...time to put life on hold for a month, and get back to you with my opinion.

Now 'Neighbours'..theres a series. The story so far. Set in Ramsay Street,in a suburb of....hell, can I be arsed....


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