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22 August 2006

Pointy Stick

Batteries not required
Readily available

Very sharp when it was your sisters turn.
Didn't impress other kids at school.
Not available in metallic red.

STR rating 2/10. A bit crap really.

Next week: Evaluation of collimator response modelling in 3D-OSEM iterative SPECT reconstruction


At 10:13 am, August 23, 2006, Anonymous woody goldstein said...

Can't wait for next week, just counting the days.

At 2:49 pm, August 23, 2006, Anonymous I-pimp-for-Hobbits said...

Don't knock the Pointy Stick. Very useful for killing vampires. Buffy had a 'pet' sharp stake she dubbed 'Mister Pointy'..very Freudian. I like the games bit. Me and my sister used to play Gladiators. She had the 6 feet plastic washing line flex. I had the armchair cushion and plastic sword. One severe flaying later my mam called a halt. She, my pa and brothers kept putting their thumbs down when I cried for mercy. Ah happy days

At 5:06 pm, August 23, 2006, Anonymous woody goldstein said...


Although i am no expert in this field, i would suggest that the pointy stick (unless covered in silver, rubbed with garlic, and annoited in holy water) would be a poor tool to use to 'spike' your average Vamp. I would plump for the more traditional pointy stake, but i guess i have always been a little old school in such matters

At 6:22 pm, August 23, 2006, Anonymous I-pimp-for-Hobbits said...

woody goldstein

I bow to your commonsense and as your name is woody I must assume you have more than a passing knowledge of what it takes to stake a vamp. A stick on its own would probably just bend and break on an average vamp chest, a scenario I would hate to confront. It would make one seem very silly. I will upgrade to stake XP very soon. Thank you.

P/S I'll let you know how I get on

At 11:44 pm, August 23, 2006, Blogger Stray Photon said...

I think it's an excellent idea to upgrade to stakeXP or PS(XP) as it is known outside the US. However unless you also install SP2, PSXP will not run previous saved games if saved under PSXP (SP1). If you previously saved a game of Pointy Stick under Win XP (SP1) this may not run under Win XP (SP2) unless you have installed the latest patch for your nVidious FU5700 graphics card. Also there seems to be an issue with PS using the Logitech Bluetooth Traveller Headset under SP2; you look like a complete pillock who wants to give the impression that he (or she, although females don't seem to be as susceptible to this anomaly as males for some reason) is so important that to be disconnected form their mobile phone for as long as 2.3 seconds represents a breach of national security.

I recommend you uninstall Windows XP altogether and install Linux instead. Admittedly it won't run any version of Pointy Stick, or any other useful software for that matter, but it will give you a smug factor of 0.93 when reading of the latest security breach in MS Windows XP.

Another workaround is to reinstall Windows 3.1 and just play Doom instead.

However to resolve all these issues, click on "Start" and then "Turn Off Computer" and select "Shutdown".

hope this helps.


At 10:06 am, August 24, 2006, Anonymous woody goldstein said...

What's brown and sticky?

At 6:25 pm, August 24, 2006, Blogger Stray Photon said...

er...ask me one on sport...

At 10:14 pm, August 24, 2006, Anonymous woody goldstein said...

Ok, what football player is brown and sticky?

At 5:25 pm, August 25, 2006, Anonymous I-pimp-for-Hobbits said...

I know this one...was it Syrup Regis?

At 11:08 pm, August 26, 2006, Anonymous woody Goldstein said...

Close, it was in fact Sol Campbell, after a 'quiet' night in with Ashley Cole. I think you could get sued for that a radiographer!

At 8:35 am, August 28, 2006, Anonymous I-pimp-for-Hobbits said...

I don't understand...oh....I get it..they had syrup as well...

...and the pointed stake went well last night be the way (see earlier correspondence). I staked 3 vamps, though disconcertingly they did not dissolve into dust...they shrieked and bled a lot, and smelled of booze. I rang mother up afterwards and she said I always was a naughty boy but that she loved me, as she loved Reggie and Ronnie.


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