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22 August 2006

Action Man Deep Sea Diver

I mean what was the point? By blowing or sucking down the line you could make Action Man sink to the bottom or rise to the top of the water. But did my mum ever let me fill the bath to the top so that I could try it out? Did she b*llocks. As far as she was concerned the Swinging Sixties just weren't happening; it was still wartime and we were only allowed to have 5/8 of an inch of water in the bath. Hardly got his weighted boots wet.

In the toy department at Hammonds, which became Binns, then became Hammonds again, they had a big dustbin sized tank with a window in the side so that you could see Action Man going up and down underwater. Did my Dad ever offer to convert our dustbin into such a facility so as to maximise their investment in this toy? To be frank, no he didn't. No wonder I have ended up so bitter and resentful, is it? Should hardly have been a surprise to my parents when at the tender age of 24 I ran away from Hull to answer the lure of London and ended up as a healthcare professional.

Spraying the Rays vintage toy rating: 2/10. Complete waste of money.

Examples of the helmet alone from this set are estimated to be worth 2 to 3 million pounds.

Next week: the Fender Telecaster.


At 8:42 am, August 28, 2006, Anonymous Bart Simpson said...

I had a mate who had one of these, and it was pretty dull. However another mate had an aquarium. More interestingly he liked piranha's. So one day we put a lump of meat around the neck of the Deep Sea Diver, and lowered him into the tank. Result? Carnage!!Cool.


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